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Statutes – Guldborgsund Baltic Race

1. Guldborgsund Baltic Race is an annual sailing race with start and finish line  in Nykøbing F., Denmark.

2. The race is for singlehanded, doublehanded and full crewed boats with max. 5 persons on board.

3.  The race has 3 courses. 2 of the courses are a combination of inshore and offshore sailing, and 1 course is inshore only.

The longest course is called 2Star 225, and is only for doublehanded and full crews. The other 2 courses of 86 nm and 155 nm can be sailed as well singlehanded, doublehanded and full crew. 

All courses have first and last leg in common through Guldborgsund.

The direction of sailing depends on wind direction and weather forecast and is published on skipper’s meeting.

The race takes place late August each year. In 2022 is the start dates 25th  and 26th August.

4. Trophy is awarded to each of the below mentioned categories. Categories are defined by the LOA of the boat. All measures are in feet (1 foot = 0,3048 m) and indicate the overall boat length as defined in World Sailing’s Rules.

5. Singlehanded, doublehandes and full crew boats.


GBR Mini – fra 18.00 til 25.00 fod

GBR Small – fra 25.01 til 30.00 fod

GBR Medium – fra 30.01 til 35.00 fod

GBR Large – fra 35.01 til 40.00 fod

GBR XL fra 40.01 fod og længere


GBR Small18.00 to 30.00 fod

GBR Large 30.01 fod og opefter

6. The winner of each category is the fastest boat to race the given course – single- or doublehanded.

7. Participants in Guldborgsund Baltic Race can only start, if they are registered and have paid the entry fee and performed the race in accordance with the sailing instructions. 

8. Any suitable and seaworthy sailing vessel can sign up for Guldborgsund Baltic Race. 

The race committee has the right to reject any vessel, which is deemed unseaworthy and of an inappropriate safety standard.

9. As Guldborgsund Baltic Race is a singlehanded, doublehanded and full crew race, only the same person/persons must be on board during the race from start to finish.

10. Guldborgsund Baltic Race is performed in accordance with The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions a Sea and in accordance with the governing sailing instructions for Guldborgsund Baltic Race.  

11. All participants must sail with a tracker provided before the race along with 2 starting numbers visually mounted on the sea rail close to the cockpit. 

Trackers are used for security reasons and also to show the race on various media platforms.

Participants are obliged to return the tracker and the start numbers immediately after finishing or withdrawing from the race.

Lost trackers and/or starting numbers are replaced in cash.

12. Participating boats shall , upon request, sail with flags or banners with a Guldborgsund Baltic Race-logo and a start-number with a sponsor logo.

These materials with be handed out upon registration. 

Participants must be available for phone calls from the communications center for interviews directly from the course.


13. All boats must during the race have a functional VHF-radio turned on, either stationary or handheld.

It is the responsibility of the skipper that:

13.1 The boat is in a safe and seaworty condition, and has fixed statutory navigation lights, approved and in accordance with the International Rules for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS). Boats less than 7 meters in length shall also have approved navigation lights as described above.

13.2 – is equipped with the following mandatory safety equipment:

– Life jackets, CE or SOLAS approved, equipped with a D-ring and emergency flash, shall be worn at all times during the race.

– Safety harness that can be worn together with the life jacket.

– Fixed safey line/jackstay along the deck for mounting of safety harness.

– VHF radio – handheld (incl. batteries for realistic sailing time) or stationary.

– Analog compass

– 2 handheld flares, within expiry dates. Or a fully functional electronic LED flare, (could be Ocean Signal rescue ME EDF1 eVDS emergency fire 750S-01710 or Odeo flare MK3 eVDS).

– 2 emergency rockets within expiry dates in accordance with Directiove 


– Fire extinguisher

– Bucket or bailer

– First aid kit

– Powerful flashlight and/or headlamp

– Knife

– Suitable anchor with anchor chain/line ready for immediate use.

– Sailing instructions for Guldborgsund Baltic Race 2022 must be available on board in print or digital

– Searail is mandatory for boats racing the 2Star 225 course

14. Participants acknowledge with their signature, by the delivery of the tracker and startnumbers, that the compulsory safety equipment and approved navigation lights, are in accordance with § 13.1 and 13.2

15. Every participant must upon registration inform the race committee of his own mobile telephone number, and also mobile telephone number of nearest family member ashore. 

16. Insurance

Every participant must show a valid third-party liability insurance certificate upon registration.

17. These statutes are available in a Danish and English version. If a conflict between languages should occur, the Danish text shall prevail.

18. Any breach of the above statutes will result in disqualification.